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St Brides Bay Cottages Environmental Policy

St Brides Bay Cottages and the environment

At St Brides Bay Cottages we are committed to running our business in a responsible manner as far as the environment is concerned, and operate the following policies with the aim of continually improving our environmental performance:-

  • Accepting the obligation to comply with all relevant legislation and statutory requirements
  • Continually monitoring the amount of waste we produce to minimise this and prevent pollution
  • Taking steps to minimise the amount of energy consumed and to reduce our impact on climate change
  • Printing this brochure in paper that is sourced from sustained forests
  • Providing guests with the opportunity to enjoy the stunning and natural environment of Pembrokeshire in a way that has minimum impact
  • Encouraging guests to support the local community by purchasing food, drinks and services locally in our area and
  • Offering guests the opportunities to experience the unique distinctiveness, culture and heritage of our area

We aim to continuously improve our environmental performance through the support and involvement of our visitors, accommodation owners and other interested parties.